Casino players are seeking for a good casino site. They want to join a casino site online to bet. So, they make all their best just to find the best casino sites today. But, is there any convenient casino site from a casino games app? Players will get intrigued as to how this works. To be able to know how this casino games app works, make a reading of the app. After reading through, you will discover the convenience of this app. Unlike going to a real-life casino, this is a much better option. Aside from saving time and money, it can also make you feel like in the real-life casino. There is no difference in gaming, only the environment. In a casino site, you are able to see the crowd. Everybody is playing and betting. In this kind of casino games, it will be installed on the phone.

How to install?

Players must know how to install scr888, an all in one casino games app. By simply choosing which mobile type you are using, you will be navigated to the designated file. For the iPhone users, before running the app, you have to “Trust” the developer. How to be able to do it? Just go to the Setting of the phone and find the General and click. It brings up the Device Management and under the file, there is “Trust”. Choose the All continental Trading Sdn Bhd and you are set.


So, the available app for iOS and Android can be downloaded for free. For the first step, click on the download button and a pop up will be shown. It will be asking you to cancel or install. Of course, click the Install button because that is what you are going to do. After that, a shortcut icon of the app will be created on the screen. But, it does not end up there. As mentioned above, it needs to do the customization on the setting to “Trust” the developer. After doing so, you are now set.

Create an account

After installing the app on the mobile system. The app can’t be used still. But, it is ready to use. A user needs to create an account on the app to access the available casino games. Of course, this is an own account created in an own phone. Meaning, the security is secure because no one knows the login credentials. A user is the one created the account, so it is safe. Unless, the user shared his/her account, so it will no longer be safe. In fact, there are those who have installed the app and satisfied with their playing journey. The only important here is to never share the login credentials and you are all safe.